Privacy Statement

The PA Group Website (http://www.pagroup.my, herein referred to as “this Website”) Privacy Statement is this Website’s commitment to personal privacy. Due to the nature of the Internet, this Website will unavoidably have direct or indirect interaction with you; as such, this Website would like to explain its policy in regard to the collection, use and protection of personal information. Please read the following in detail:

1. Non-Personal User Information
We will collect non-personal information through your IP address, such as browser type, and operating system type, and provide you with city names of the ISP;s connection service, in order to improve the image displayed on your computer screen. Through collecting the aforementioned information, we can also calculate user traffic, which would allow us to update the management and service of this Website.

2. Personal Information
2.1 When you participate in PA Group Website promotions or other activities, with your consent and confirmation, this Website will ask you to provide some Personal Information through registration and other methods. Personal Information may include:
2.1.1 Personal identification information: such as name, gender, age, date of birth, mobile number, correspondence address, email address, etc.
2.1.2 Personal background information, such as family background
2.2 Please understand that, without obtaining your consent and confirmation, this Website will not use any of the information that you have provided as part of your participation in promotional or other activities for any purposes other than that promotional or activity, subject to the exception of Section 6 below where disclosure of such information is legally required by the government.

3. Information Security
3.1 This Website will implement strict management and protection of the information you have provided.
3.2 In this age of professional specialization, this Website will, from time-to-time, require the services of specialist technical personnel to compute the information provided on the Website. If this Website sends you a notice of such information computation and you do not provide a negative response within the required period, this Website will infer that you have consented to such information computation. At any time, you have the right under Section 4.1.4 below, to request for a cessation of such information computation.

4. Rights of the User
4.1 You enjoy the following rights in relation to your Personal Information:
4.1.1 Inquiry and inspection at any time
4.1.2 Supplementation or correction at any time
4.1.3 Request for deletion at any time
4.1.4 Request for cessation of information computation at any time
4.2 In relation to these rights above, the Charm Website will provide you with the related services, if you have any queries in relation to the above statement please click here [this links to ask@tastycharm.com) to contact us.

5. Limit of Use Principles
This Website will only use collected Personal Information outside its intended use when one of the criteria below has been met:
5.1 Have obtained your written consent;
5.2 To avoid imminent danger to your life, person or asset(s);
5.3 To prevent material damage to third-party interest(s);
5.4 For improvement of public interests, without material damage to your personal interests.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information
When a government agency, through a legally mandated process, requires this Website to disclose certain Personal Information, this Website will, according to the demands of the legal enforcement entity or in the interest of public safety, provide such Personal Information. Under these circumstances, this Website is exempt from any liabilities associated with the disclosure.

7. Protection of Privacy of Minors
7.1 This Website will make reasonable endeavors to establish and maintain a process to protect the confidentiality and security of Personal Information of minors. This Website wishes to stress that: prior to participating in any online promotions or other activities any minor under the age of 16 must first obtain a confirmable form of consent from his or her parents or legal guardian (both herein referred to as “Guardian”).
7.2 The Guardian should bear the primary responsibility for the protection of the privacy rights of the minor in the Internet environment.
7.3 When this Website collects personal information of a minor, it does so only for the particular purpose requested by the minor, once completed, records of the information will be deleted and not kept for further use.
7.4 Without the consent of the Guardian, this Website will not use Personal Information of a minor and will not disclose or transfer to third-parties information that could be used to derive Personal Information of such minor. If this Website collects the name or other Internet contact information of the Guardian or the minor for the purpose of obtaining the consent of the Guardian but does not receive such consent within a reasonable time, this Website will delete records of such information without prompting.
7.5 With the consent of the Guardian, this Website can proceed to collect Personal Information from the minor. This Website will provide the Guardian with the following:
7.5.1 The opportunity to inspect the collected Personal Information of his or her child or charge;
7.5.2 The opportunity to refuse further collection or use of Personal Information of his or her child or charge;
7.5.3 Change or delete the form of his or her child or charges’ Personal Information.
7.6 The Guardian has the right to refuse further contact between this Website and his or her child or charge.
7.7 The purpose of this Website in collecting Personal Information from minors is purely for the safety of such minors when participating in online promotions and other activities. This Website will not require minors to provide additional Personal Information as a prerequisite for participation in other online activities.

8. Exemption from Liability
In addition to the exemption from liabilities as described in Section 6 above, below lists the circumstances under which this Website shall have no liabilities whatsoever:
8.1 Any disclosure of Personal Information as a result of you providing your user access information to another or sharing a registered account with another.
8.2 Any leakage, loss, theft or unauthorized changes of Personal Information as a result of Y2K computer issues, an attack by hackers, computer virus infection or escalation, government implemented temporary suspension or disruption of normal Internet operations.
8.3 Any leakages of Personal Information and any subsequent legal disputes and consequences as a result of links to other websites through this Website. All rights to amend or update the Privacy Statement on this Website belong to PROSPEK ARIF SDN BHD (PA).